Look good, feel good…

Look good, feel good…

Do you suffer from this skin condition?


-Acne Scar

-Oily Skin

-Dull Complexion

-Enlarged Pores

-Pigmentation Disorder

-Wrinkles & Aging Signs

-Eyebags & Dark Eye Circles

Skin+Health offers comprehensive approach to treat men and women’s skin and facial conditions.

Our Signature Skin Treatments:

  • Dr Wai Acne Scar Revision Programme with PRP, subcision, laser.
  • Non-surgical Eye Bags Reduction with Thread, PRP, Filler, BTA.
  • Medical Face-Lift with liquid face lift, thread lift and thermal lift.

It is no secret that confident and good skin people have a head-start in life as they have a higher self-esteem, set themselves higher goals and are generally more successful.

Schedule a private consultation with Dr. Wai is the best way to find out the best solution for you.

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