Facial Makeover

Changing the way you look needs not involve cosmetic surgery.

These days, there are many non-surgical, minimally invasive treatments that are safe, quick and effective.

Dermal Filler has been used safely for over 100 millions people in the world to restore the youthfullness and enhance their beauty.  For female and male, enhancing the nose, brows, cheeks, lips and chin will immediately create a aesthetically beautiful face.

On top of this,  creating a oval shape or V shape face will futher enhance the beuaty of the face. BTA and Thread V-Lift are the best options for patients now as they are minimal invasive, safe and very effective.

Find out more about Non surgical facial makeover?

Change from square face to oval face

Enhance the nose, chin, lips and cheeks

Beautify the eyes and eyebrows

Restore the youthful facial shape

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