Q: How do I know whether I suffer from abnormal hair loss?

A: Dropping 50 pieces of hair per-day is normal but dropping 100 pieces of hair is abnormal.

Q: How to treat my hair loss?
As there are different causes of hair loss, it is very important to consult a doctor first, let doctor makes a proper examination and diagnosis. Sometimes, blood test may be required before any diagnosis made.

Q: My hair is generally thinning, what is the treatment?
A: The most common cause of general hair loss is androgenic pattern balding caused by genetic predisposition and hormonal changes. Other causes of hair loss may be due to immune disorder, infection, chronic illness and certain cytotoxic medicine. Doctor will treat the primary cause of the hair loss instead of giving patients ‘hair tonic’.
Sometimes, patients have localized bald patch. The commonest cause is due to Alopecia Areata and the treatment is quite straight forward and most of the time very effective.

Q: What causes the tiny itchy lumps on my scalp?
A: This is most likely due to scalp folliculits. This problem is due to inflammation of the hair follicles and related to some infection. Anti-fungal shampoo and oral medication are effective in improving this condition.



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