Ageing and childbirth result in laxer muscles of the vagina, and thinner and darker outer labia, while menopause creates dryness and reduces sexual gratification. There are many other reasons why this condition can such as cancer therapy and hystrectomy and it affects millions of women.


In general women between 25-55 go for vaginal rejuvenation and the treatment has gained popularity tremendously.

Traditionally, surgical approach is the only option to helps these women. However, the recent innovation in laser technology has allowed women to improve their quality of life without going through surgery.

Laser vaginal tightening is based on the principle of using non-invasive energy devices such as laser and radio frequency to produce micro-contracture of the vaginal wall as well as stimulate new collagen and elastin production.

The initial shrinkage and secondary regeneration produce improved pressure on the “G-Spot” and improve sexual pleasure. Tightening also occurs along the base of the overlying bladder, with evidence shows that it also improves minor urinary incontinence.

The treatment is a typical lunch break procedure. No preparation is needed from the patient and the procedure will only takes around 15 minutes with almost nil to very minimal discomfort.

The treatment is good for:

  • Reverse vaginal atrophy due to aging
  • Improve Sexual Pleasure
  • Relief of Minimal Urinary Incontinence

Perfect candidates are:

  1. Women who have not yet had a child but either feel themselves “wide” inside or have a partner with a smaller-sized penis.
  2. Women with laxity after childbirth who plan on another child/children and need “temporary” tightening until their final childbirth, after which they may undergo a permanent surgical tightening procedure if the problem persists.
  3. Women with mild urinary incontinence.
  4. Women with only modest vaginal laxity and wish to avoid a surgical procedure.
  5. Post-menopausal women with dry, atrophic vaginal tissues.

Discuss with your doctor to find our how to improve your quality of life if you have mild urinary incontinence or feel the need to improve your sexual satisfaction and self-confidence.

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