What is PDO Threadlift?
PDO Threadlift is a  skin tightening technology that makes use of fine threads called polydioxanone (PDO)  to stimulate the synthesis of new tissue fibroblasts and collagen. When being inserted into targeted areas under the skin.

PDO is an bio-compatible synthetic absorbable monofilament thread that is commonly used in cardiovascular surgery and fine ligatures. This material has been used by doctors in surgery for more than 50 years and is very safe to the human body.

How does it work?

The PDO threads are very versatile and can be used to increase and define the nose bridge, giving it a very natural lifted look. PDO threads can also be used to enhance the nose tip as well, giving a more pointed and heightened look that cannot be achieved by dermal filler injection. The results are long lasting and look natural too! After some time, the PDO threads are naturally and safely absorbed into the body.

The results will based on the number of nose threads used. When the right amount of thread has been used, the height, contour and nose definition will significantly enhanced.

Some of the reasons for insufficient improvement are due to insufficient number of thread used, wrong technique of placement of the threads, wrong type of nose threads used. Short, thin threads do not give a good result. Threads that are too thick may leave a scar at the injection point too. The right threads must be chosen – with the right type of cog that is able to provide the best lift effect for the bridge and tip.

The advantages:

  • Non-surgical
  • Quick
  • Minimally invasive
  • No downtime
  • Less risks
  • No risk of spread of filler or lump formation which may happen in dermal filler treatment.

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