At our center, we help you to reduce weight and regain your ideal body contour safe and effectively without surgery!

A thorough body weight and fat analysis will be conducted when you step into our centre. Following that, Dr Sylvia will perform a complete assessment on the you; your medical condition, past slimming experience, history of past surgery and non-surgery treatment, life stye and diet history are equally important. An individualised slimming plan will be drawn out for you carefully, whether for general fat loss or to remove fat at specific body part.

Our Main Treatments are:

  • General weight loss – reduce at least 10kg in 2-3 months safe and comfortably
  • Localised fat reduction- targeting  arms, tummy, thighs fat specifically without liposuction
  • Skin tighenting and lifting – especially for post-delivery and massive weight loss patients
  • Stretch Mark Treatment – with laser, PRP ( own-plasma-growth-factors) and Venus Freeze
  • Breast Firming – with latest thread lift technique
  • Cellulite Treatment

Our signature Weight Loss and Body Contouring Programme includes:

In weight and body shaping,  Dr Sylvia’s philosophy is, ” When patient wants to change, we will be able to change them !”

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