At our center, we help you to

  1. Achieve your ideal body weight
  2. Contour the body
  3. Tighten your flabby skin
  4. Reduce the cellulite
  5. Improve the stretch mark

The doctor will consult, analyze, and construct an individualized plan for you, as everyone’s problems are unique and different.

Skin+Health combine lifestyles modification, dietary changes, medicine, natural supplements, and latest technology for best result in the easiest way.

iLipo™ is our signature non invasive lipolysis treatment that breaks down fat and tightens the skin instantly after every treatment. it contour the body by reducing the fat at any specific areas i.e. thigh, buttock, calf, tummy, arm.

Carboxytherapy improve cellulite, stretch mark and skin texture with the natural CO2 gas safe and effectively.

RF Skin Lift is a treatment that utilizes a safe, infrared light to heat the dermis well below the skin’s surface, causing immediate collagen contraction to produce tighter skin. It is used to tighten loose skin of abdomen, upper arms and chin and improve stretch marks and cellulite.

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