Thread lifts were meant to address sagging underlying tissues of the cheek and jaw line by threading barbed sutures into skin and deeper soft tissues. The non-absorbable threads stay within the deep tissues and provide support. Due to high rates of complications, most doctors no longer perform the non-absorbale thread lift, but convert to absorbable thread lift.

Thread lift is performed as non-surgical clinic procedure. Local anesthesia is good enough for performing the procedure.

There are many types of thread lift. However, they can be divided into REJUVENATING THREAD LIFT and LIFTING THREAD LIFT.

Rejuvenating Thread Lift
Short thread is used to stimulate a layer of new collagen in the skin. The threads are more fine, may be smooth, screw or spiral in shape. This thread usually lasts 4-9 months in the body. New collagen will grow surrounding the thread until they have been fully reabsorbed.

Lifting Thread Lift
Long thread is used to pulled and lift up the skin. The thread are usually thicker and last 12 to 24 months, depending on the thread materials. This thread may be barbed or cogged.

Thread lift is a good choice of treatment for mild to moderate sagging.


  • Rejuvenating- skin tightening, reduced wrinkles, pores and acne scars, under-eye.
  • Lifting effect- jaw lines, brow lift, neck lift. Also applicable for breast lift, tummy and buttock.
  • Volumizing effect- nose thread lift, enhance cheeks and laughing lines.

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