Take a day to rejuvenate your health, skin and mind.

At Skin+Health, we also take care of your inner health and wellness.

We promote and provide health screening for early disease detection and prevention.

We promote anti-aging, anti-oxidant and detoxication programmes.

Health and Anti-aging

In order to enhance, prolong and maintain perfect skin, body and mind, internal health and anti-aging supplement are combined in our clinic Anti-aging Management.

Powerful anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory supplements, regenerative cell therapy with placenta, marine cell and cavier as well as other proven detoxification supplements have always been found to improve general health, delay aging and improve all the skin, weight loss and hair loss problems.

Dr Sylvia will assess your bodys’ need carefully prior to any recommendation.


Health Screening

At our center, health screening is performed at a relaxing and comfortable spa-like ambience environment. The wellness screening starts with a wake up drink, followed by doctor’s consultation and the necessary examination.

Women’s examination such as PAP Smear and Pelvic Scan will be conducted by lady physician for the lady’s’ comfort. You may choose to round up your screening with a rejuvenation facial or skin program at the same day.

Our screening includes: Comprehensive and Cancer screening, Allergy Screening, Immunology screen,  Hormone imbalance screening and Women’s health Screen-(Include Breast Examination, PAP smear and Pelvic Ultrasound Scan.)

Take control of your ageing process with early detection and treatment.

You can lead a healthier and better quality of life as you age, free of disabling medical conditions.

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