Health & Beauty Magazine- March 2011 Issue: Moles
May 14, 2011
Venus Freeze
August 8, 2011

Reward yourself at this festive season.

Rejuvenate your skin, reshape your body and refresh your mind and have a Fabulous Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

Our Promotion:

Rejuvenate your skin and face:
Erase the acne, large pores, scars, pigments and wrinkles with our signature treatments.
Enjoy additional free treatment during this festive season.

Reshape your body:
Remove the fat spot and firm up you body with latest technology from US.
Introducing Venus Freeze MF2 System, reduce circumference, skin tightening, remove cellulite at one Go!
Pay for one treatment and enjoy one more treatment for free! Tummy and Arms, thighs and buttock.

Products Specials:
Natural Vitamin C and Acne Ranges Products: Get Free Skin Care Kits consist of 4 items.

Make An Appointment and stand a chance to win a RM 100 Cash Voucher
Email us today: to schedule an appointment with Dr Sylvia Wai!

Valid Till 28/8/2011


  1. nadia says:

    Hi there.may i know the cost of acne treatment?

  2. hiroko says:

    May I know how much you charges for filler injection? Thanks

  3. Adm says:

    The treatment fee for filler injection depends on the type of filler and amount needed. In general filler can be used to correct wrinkles, tear trough (lower eyelid depression) sunken cheek and to enhance nose and chin. The cost is between RM 1500-2500.

  4. siti says:

    hi I wish to reshape my face because my face is so much is the cost? it is 1 time treatment or repeating? and how much is the cost for slimming by part eg : arm ? tq

  5. Adm says:

    Facial shaping with BTA reduce the bulky masseter mauscle. After 2-3 sessions of treatment, the result lasts long. However, repeated treatment may be needed for some people after 24-36 months. In general, the muscle does not go back to previous size but may increase slightly after a period of time.

    For body contouring, we use MP2 to tightening the skin and reduce the circumference. For arm, tummy, buttock or legs, the fee is from RM 400-600.

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