Christmas and New Year Promotion
December 17, 2013
Aidilfitril Raya Promotion 2014
June 6, 2014

Wish to improve and repair  your skin after all the vacations and  festive celebrations?

Skin Health offers a Special Skin Care Promotion Campaign starting form 1/3/2014 until 30/3/2014.

The Promotion includes:

Heliocare Range of Products

Heliocare Range of Products

Neostrata Products: 15 % discount for purchase above RM 300; 10%  discount for purchase above RM 100

  • Neostrata relaunchs the improved formulation skin care ranges for Oily Skin, Skin Brightening and Anti-aging recently. The products are really cost effective!

Heliocare Sun Protection: Purchase a set of Heliocare sunscreen and Heliocare oral sunblock to enjoy 35% discount on our intensive Whitening Facial Treatment (entiltled to once only)

  • Heliocare Skin Protection  is our top selling skin care products. The 4 steps sun protection mechanism is trademarked and not available in any other sunscreen.

Obagi Products: Purchase a set of Nuderm Products (normal size) and entitled for RM 180 Treatment Voucher.

  • Obagi products are well known for its therapeutic effect for pigment lightening.

Gluthatione Oral Whitening  3 Sets Free ONE Month Collagen From Japan.

  • Good for whitening, firming and hydration.

Visit our clinic or call our clinic to purchase!



  1. Jane says:

    My eye bag look dark and when I do not make up I look tired. Any idea to fix it.? How much is the cost?

  2. Adm says:

    Hi, we have carboxytherapy for dark eye circles.

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