SH Therapeutic Facial uses the advanced, multi-functional digital skincare machine to deliver whitening and anti-ageing agents deep into your skin, cleansing and nourishing your skin thoroughly.

multi-functional digital skincare machine

The Skin Scrubber provides deep cleaning and exfoliation on all skin types without causing redness or irritation, even on sensitive or mature skin, acne or rosacea.

SH Therapeutic Facials - Revitalize your skin

The Sonophoresis temporarily open up the intracellular pathways, allowing the vitamins and hydrating agents penetrate 30-40 times higher deep into the skin. These agents rejuvenate, deeply hydrate skin and repair photo damage in the skin.

The micro-massage and ultrasonic heating eliminates wrinkles and skin laxity at the same time.

The facial is truly beyond skin deep and revitalizing.

SH Therapeutic facial is recommended for all skin types.

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