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January 26, 2011
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January 28, 2011


“Dr Wai said that my hair loss was due to alopecia areata and male pattern hair loss. She prescribed me some hair spray medicine, gave injection on my scalp and hair regrowthed after 4 weeks. The cost was very reasonable…”

Mr Shaharuddin, Shah Alam, 43, business owner


My friend from Singapore told me PRP is very effective for hair regrowth. I had 3 PRP done at the clinic and it really helps!

Ray, Subang, 37, Sales


I have thinning of my hairs since one and a half years ago and I have tried all hair tonics. At last, I consulted Dr Wai, a blood tests was done and found out that I have anemia. The problems was corrected.

Susanne, 28,  KL, officer



  1. Jack says:

    I’ve got a 18 yo nephew who is losing hair and getting bald patch showing at his top of head.
    He was badly injured in an accident and has blood transfusion; could this be the cause?
    What are his choices of remedy in Malaysia?
    Please advise. Thanks

  2. Adm says:

    He probably suffers from Alopecia Areata. This is an autoimmune condition and can be treated by dermotology physician.

  3. nor says:

    I would like to consult Dr Wai on my hair loss problem. What should i do?

  4. Adm says:

    Please feel free to call us for appointment.

  5. zul says:

    What is the treatment for my alopecia areata?

  6. Adm says:

    The first line treatment will be topical and intralesional injection of corticosteroid. the treatment is very safe as the effect is localised.

  7. adnan says:

    Hello, I am 24 years old male from Malaysia. I am getting bald,pls give me some suggestion of how to prevent this.


  8. Adm says:

    Hair loss may be due to different causes. Please consult a dermatology doctor for consultation and diagnosis.

  9. Adm says:

    Please call us to make an appointment. she will see you as soon as possible.

  10. Afrisa says:

    I was 22 years and still studying. I suffer from hair loss and almost bald. All my siblings, including my parents had experienced similar problems.I think this is a genetic disorder. Please give any suggestion to me.

  11. Adm says:

    You need to consult a dermatologist for your hair loss problem.
    For androgenic hair loss, doctors prescribe topical and oral medication. Mesotherapy and PRP are found to be useful in restoring hair grow too.

  12. Andrew Ng says:

    Hi Doctor,

    I received a hair transplant 500 graft from Dr jeniffer Martinick at Damai Hospital four years ago. But since then, I dun get the thickness that i desire, as my problem is only on my left temple and so far other areas of my head do not show any sign of shedding. it looks a bit unnatural with one side of my fringe thicker and the other much thinner, I tried BOSSIN haircare, after almost 60 sesssions, i only see small hair and the density is not achieved. Can PRP help me in this way….

    my hair follicles, at bossin were treated with needling and elec massager, somehow strong hair appears stronger, other remain small n thin, can my follicles be revived to a normal state with PRP.


  13. andrew says:

    I got a 15 years old son that is having a bald patch about a size of a quarter on his head.T’m very worried that it will grow bigger .I read some article and forum about this problem and i believe it is maybe due to alopecia areata.May i know is this curable? May i also know about the cost range that is required for the treatment if it is curable?


  14. Adm says:

    The alopecia areata is treatable. However, in some cases, the disease is more extensive and less responsive to treatment. Start treatment first and follow up is the rule.

  15. frizz says:

    My girlfriend who is currently studying in university has suffered from severe hair loss. It might be due to the stress or her anemic condition. I’ve tried to get her some medication and cream to apply on hair but it doesnt really help. Can i know around how much it cost or the average price for each visit and treatment?

  16. Adm says:

    Please bring her for consultation first. The consultation fee is RM 35-50 only.

  17. Ram says:

    hi, can i have address please?

  18. Vanessa says:

    I m 22 n having serious hair fall… I cant figure wats is wrong with my body… I wish to have dr wai address. Help me please~

  19. M.Umar says:

    A.o.alaikum,sir i have started head skin itch,what is this problem and hair are lossing.ans me on my email.

  20. Adm says:

    We are at Puchong Jaya, opposite IOI Mall and Subang Jaya SS15. Our address is available at our website- contact.
    Just call us and we shall provide you more information.

  21. Schnuck says:

    hi, i think that i have hair lose due to genetic, since my mom also have very thin hair, and i am a 23 years old boy… my hair is currently thinning day by day at the top part and mostly at the crown area… any suggestion??? thanks.

  22. Shan says:

    Hi there, Im shan 31 this year and I’m having severe hair loss recently especially after diagnosed with anemic. I thought I was cured from anemic but I’m not sure whether this is the real cause for me to be having hair loss. Can I have your contact number to make an appointment?

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