Nose, Chin, Cheek and Facial Reshape/Augmentation
April 14, 2011
Health & Beauty Magazine- March 2011 Issue: Moles
May 14, 2011

Dr Sylvia talked about Acne Scars.

“All acne should be treated early to prevent scarring…”

“… seek medical advise if the acne is inflammed, reddish and cystic as these acnes cause permanent scarring…”

“Facial cannot cure severe acne, acne might be infected by P.Acne bacteria. Antibiotic is required to treat them…”

“If you have acne scarring, don’t give up, treatment is available…”

“… we should not squeeze the acne as this might cause more inflammation and scarring…”

“Scarring can be divided into hypertrophy and atrophy scar…”


  1. adam says:

    Doc,Can the acne scar clear 100%?

  2. Adm says:

    It takes many sessions to achieve 100% reduction. Of course, it depends on the depth of the scars.

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