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April 6, 2011
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May 5, 2011

Flat nasal bridge, broad nose tip, shorty chin, square jaw…, walk in to our center for Lunch Time Nose and Face Job.

Achieve your ideal face with 30 minutes office procedure. It’s never so easy!

Walk out with beautiful nose and chin or achieve a  V-shape face after 2 weeks.

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Bring friends and both receive special cash rebate!

(Valid till 30 May 2011)


  1. sha says:

    hi, may I know what is the cost for the nose filler procedure and why does it take 2 weeks? Does this mean you need to come for several times in 2 weeks?

  2. niloofar says:

    how much the nose cost?

  3. Adm says:

    Normal fee is between RM 1000 to up to RM 2500, depending on the type of filler and quantity used.

  4. Adm says:

    The nose augmentation will take 30 minutes to complete. This includes waiting for numbing cream to work, sterile the skin and treatment time. Result can be seen immediately. Bruising is very rare. You may go back to work with a prettier nose immediately.
    Usually one session is sufficient but follow up will be given at 2 weeks for review.

  5. Ng says:

    I want a sharper nose but not too obvious or noticeable. Is that achievable?

  6. Chichi says:

    How much is the cheek reshape cost? I am not fat but have slight round face.

  7. Adm says:

    The treatment fee is between RM 1000-2500. The actual fee depends on the muscle size. The bigger the muscle bulk, more BTA is needed.

  8. Adm says:

    The doctor can control the shape when using dermal filler to augment the nose easily. The doctor can even ask the patient during the procedure.

  9. Angie says:

    Hii, I would like to know the cost of Facial Reshape? Actually my face is V-Shape but chubby. Does the Facial Reshape treatment will make my face slim down? Please advise, thanks 🙂

  10. NIcholas says:

    1. May i know how much the BTA Facial Reshaping cost?

    2. How long will the result last?

    3. Will the result be permanents?

  11. Adm says:

    The treatment cost varies from RM 800-2500, depending on the condition. After three treatments, the result may last for few years. However, some patient may need one booster every year. In general, this is very simple, quick, cause minimal pain.

  12. Nicholas says:

    How much is the cost for nose reshaping for aquamid permanent filler?

  13. marc says:

    hi, i want to ask, how much is the nose fillers again?
    how many years would it last?

  14. marc says:

    could it e that taking nose filers make my nose sharper as if im am doing nose job? i would be greatful for it…

  15. Adm says:

    Yes, the filler enhance the nose bridge as well as the nose tip. This filler usually lasts 12-15 months.

  16. Rach says:

    I have sunken cheeks. Is it possible to use filler and fill up the sunken part to make my cheeks chubbier? I want to look younger. How much is the cost for this procedure?

  17. Adm says:

    This is in fact one of the fastest and safest option. Depending on the quantity needed (usually need more than the wrinkles correction), it is between RM 1800-2500 for both cheeks. Check the photos

  18. Elise says:

    Hi..what is the cost for chin augmentation

  19. Adm says:

    Depending on the types of filler and the amount of filler needed, it is between RM 1500-2000.

  20. Mandeline Yap says:


    I want to do derma filler to solve my sunken cheeks and I have very short chin, can BTA solve my problem?

  21. ann says:

    hi may i know remove eye bags and dark circle cost around how much?
    and also double eyelid ?

  22. yoyo says:

    Hi, regarding your article above, for your second picture’s patient, which part to reshape? How much the cost to have the similar result? Lasting for how long?

  23. Adm says:

    Filler is widely used to correct sunken cheek. It usually costs around RM1800-3000, depending on the unit used. in general they last 12-18 months.

  24. Adm says:

    We used carboxytherapy for dark eyes circle. RM 250-350 per session, very effective even for patients with ten years history.

  25. Adm says:

    Do you mean the second young lady? She has her nose bridge and chin enhanced. She needs about RM 2500 and lasts 12-18 months. Best part is no downtime.

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