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March 8, 2013
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October 18, 2013

Over time UV, chemicals, stress and our environment can cause our skin to have clogged pores, dullness, and rough texture. Various facial treatments are available that provide the benefits of deep pores cleansing, exfoliation, repair and hydration, not to mention relaxation.   Aesthetic facials, advanced cosmoceutical skin care products, and sunscreen can be some of the key differences that keep your skin in shape today, and for years to come. But what is effective in maintaining a beautiful skin? Here are some of the treatments recommended by dermatologists and aesthetic doctors:


Lunchtime Peels

Superficial chemical peels with glycolic acid, lactic acid and so on is very effective for whitening of the skin, combating dull skin complexion, blackheads and whiteheads. Downtime is minimal to nil. After 3-5 days, skin peels in a small flakes and a glowing and finer skin can be expected. As superficial peels are very gentle, it can be repeated once a month and there is no worry about skin thinning. In fact, appropriate peel is proven to stimulate new collagen and prevent fine lines.



Microdermabrasion exfoliates the ‘older’ skin and thus promotes new skin grow. The controlled exfoliation is very safe and enhances skin care production. This microdermabrasion facial treatment also indirectly clears the dirt and debris in the pores, improves large pores, coarse skin texture and oily skin.



Iontophoresis or is a technique using small electric charge to deliver high concentration of active skin care ingredients deep into the skin. It is basically an injection without needle. The active ingredients include pure Vitamin C or Vitamin Cocktail, hyaluronic acid (super hydration agents) and peptides (synthetic or plant origin). Extremely comfortable and relaxing, the vitamins are penetrated 10-20X deeper into the skin, hydrate and lift up the skin. The results are definitely longer lasting and much significant than applying cream.


IPL Photofacial

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light has been the choice of many men and lady to maintain a youthful skin and delay skin aging. IPL Photofacial takes only 15 minutes but provides instant rejuvenation results. The skin is instantly firmer, smoother and fairer, pores size minimized and sebum production is controlled (means less or no acne). This zero downtime facial is the favorite choice for those who has hectic schedule.  After the photofacial, follow with hydrating mask or iontophoresis for a complete boost. IPL is ideal for any age group and skin type.


Laser Rejuvenation

If  feeling bored with the above facial treatment, do consider laser rejuvenation such as  laser carbon peels, laser genesis and even a mild fractional CO2 laser session for a change. These laser skin rejuvenation treatments are safe, effective and cause minimal to nil downtime. Besides, acne scars, pigmentations and large pores problems improve.



Time has changed and people  has higher expectation about their skin care regime. They look  for skin care treatments from aesthetic clinic or centres  that bring out  instant, clinically proven  and longer lasting results.  The minimal invasive aesthetic  facials are getting more popular.

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