New Year Makeover From RM 50
November 7, 2012
Dr Sylvia’s Favorite Lunch Time Rejuvenation Facials
September 6, 2013
Filler Promotion

Facial shaping and lifting


In conjuction with Women’s Day, we would like to wish all the women a Happier, Healthier and Successful year.

We would like to invite you for a beauty journey at Skin Health Clinic by offering “Women’s Day Filler Promotion”

Now: RM 998/ml (U.P. RM 1600 up)”

Experience a magical makeover with Dermal filler:
■Achieve an ideal facial shape; augment the nose, cheeks, chin;
■Hydrate and lift up the face for a more youthful look;
■Reduce the fine lines even the most sensitive area around the eyes;
■Correct the deeper lines and folds naturally;
■Correct tired-look eyes.

Benefits: Hyaluronic acid is the safest filler ingredient because it is100% identical to human body’s natural cell substance. Approved worldwide. No allergy test required. Suitable for any women from 18 to 80 years old

Advantges: Simple non downtime out patient procedure. Takes in average 30 minutes only. Can return to work immediately. Immediate results.

Terms and conditions applied. Valid from 1/3/2013-31/3/2013.


  1. Mrs Thor says:

    I hv tired eyes n eye bags does it help to remove eye bags ?

  2. Ally says:

    Hi, does it lift up and firm face?

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