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January 3, 2011
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January 26, 2011

Combination PRP and Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment at 25% Discount

Suitable For:

  • Face-lifting and rejuvenation effect
  • Severe acne scars correction
  • Eye bags and dark eyes circles
  • Deep wrinkles
  • Large pores
  • Flattened cheeks
  • Neck lines
  • Coarse and aging hands


  • significant result even after one session
  • safe, no risk of transmissable infection and allergy
  • combination treatment promotes quiker healing and better results
  • minimal downtime, can return to work on the same day

Limited free hyarulonic fillers for early birds!

Valid until 01/02/2011.

Called 03-5882 9088 for immediate appointment.


  1. Nicholas says:

    What is the treatment plan for acne scar? Laser resurfacing??

  2. Adm says:

    Hi Hafiz,

    Our Subang Centre opens everyday except Sunday.

    Tel: 03-5633 8812 or you may call us at 03-5882 9088.

    Take care.

  3. Winson Tan says:

    “Fractional CO2 and PRP Promotion” How many day does it take for recovery?

  4. noor says:

    I am really interested to do Fractional CO2 laser. I have lots of acne scars on my face and a few pimples. Can i do CO2 laser treatment? How much improvement can i see after the first treatment and how long is the recovery period? Thank You

  5. Adm says:

    Fractional CO2 Laser is the Gold standard for Acne Scar treatment.

    The recovery time is about seven days. The skin looks slightly dry and tanned. With Post-laser concealer ceam, patients can resume work and normal activity the next day.

    Improvement is noticable as early as two weeks post treatment. However, the process of collagen remodelling goes on for the next few months.

  6. yin says:

    how much does the Fractional CO2 laser (for pimple scar treatment) cost after discount? is the promotion still valid?

  7. Christie Leong Hann May says:

    Im interested in the CO2 fractional laser, normally how many treatments do i need?

  8. Siti says:

    I have several scars at my legs, may I know wht is the best treatment to removes the scars and how much it will cost me?

  9. Adm says:

    If the scars are actually post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, get the prescriptiom medicine for the clinic. Laser will also enhance the healing process. The fee may be around RM 500-700, depending on the area size.

  10. jeffrey says:

    How many treatment is needed for the whole face? When is the due of this promotion?

  11. Adm says:

    3-5 sessions for optiomal results. For thick scarring tissue, up to 10 sessions will provide a better result.

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