Fractional CO2 Laser
December 4, 2010
Fractional CO2 and PRP Promotion
January 4, 2011

I am 46 years old. I have my thread lift done by Dr Sylvia one year ago. I achieved full result after 4 months and I still look good today. The first thing was my pores really disappeared. Fine lines was almost nil after 2 months. Gradually, the face become firmer, I felt the differences when I pinched my own skin. At 3-4 months, many friends told me that I looked slimmer but it was actually just the face became V shape. This year, I went back for eye bags lift, eye brow lift and neck lift as I skipped that in the first time. Her team is really professional and caring, the doctor explains to me very carefully without pushing me to do and of course the fee is reasonable. You get what you pay.  That’s why I keep going back to them. Thanks Skin Health nurses and Dr Wai, the procedures was just smooth and almost painless.

Madam Cindy,  Damansara, 46, bussinesswoman.


“After a few  pimgent laser sessions, my face has become glowing, fairer and the pigmentations has disappeared. I am more happy and more confident about myself now.  My husband has  the same treatments and is very satisfied too ” 2010

Miss Chai , Puchong, 43, teacher.


I had PRP for my sagging face, eye bags and deep laughing lines. The result was really good, the doctor was very careful and the injection was almost  painless. Dr Wai put some PRP on my scalp and my hair turned thicker after one session. My friend said I looked younger…”

Ms MK  (Korean),  Ampang, 53, language teacher


I have my nose and chin filler injection done recently to improve my flat nose bridge and short chin. I am very happy with the results, natural and pleasant.  The whole process was surprisingly comfortable. Pain is minimal after the numbing cream.

I have some skin whitening treatment at the same time  too. Changes are very positive!

Jane, Ampang,  Sale Exe, 26


“my skin went from old and dull to refreshing and youthful looking in 3 weeks and Dr wai was very professional….” 2010

Ms Lim, Old Klang Road KL,  42, homemaker.


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